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welcome imageMicroking Finance (Private) Limited is a registered Microfinance Institution. Operations commenced on, 16 July, 2001 and services were first offered on the 23rd October 2001. MicroKing first operated as a division of Kingdom Bank Limited and was subsequently incorporated on the 6th of July 2005 and now operates as a subsidiary of Afrasia Kingdom Zimbabwe Limited. MicroKing transacts and conducts business in Zimbabwe, and supports sustainable and commercially viable businesses in the informal sector through provision of financial services and products that promote growth. Over the past decade, MicroKing, has positioned itself as the leading microfinance institution in Zimbabwe and is delighted to have demystified the myth surrounding the informal sector which has been portrayed as a “no go area”. From a social perspective, Microking Finance has proudly restored confidence, dignity and self-respect to the marginalized informal sector. We therefore strongly believe that we are holding onto a tool and model which can be replicated to reduce poverty and create bankers with a human heart.

MicroKing Finance looks at the informal, low income sector from the following point of view;

  • It is a vibrant sector whose network supports the economy and it has to be appreciated as such. Continual support of this sector will not only lead to developing more efficient entities, but will provide the foundations of transforming these enterprises from informal to formal.
  • That it is very important to look at this sector as providing a pool of opportunities to develop markets and therefore economic growth rather than associate it with risk.
  • That a business can be undertaken for an economic return to the shareholder and uphold good ethics while dealing with this sector.
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Our Team

welcome imageMicroKing Finance management team is supported by a staff compliment operating in the following departments; Operations, Finance & Administration and Back Office. Staff in all posts possess requisite educational, professional qualifications and on the job skills and experience. Support and Administrative staff also have appropriate qualifications and relevant experience in their respective fields. Our strong Corporate Governance and Risk Management Structures have seen the unit growing and expanding operations even under a challenging macroeconomic environment.

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Client Testimonials

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